Best Sex Toys

A sex toy review often inspires the reader to think “oh just another ….. toy” in this case a cock ring. However the Hot G Vibe is a cock ring with a difference, it’s small enough to slip inside your partner when worn and provides an experience like no other cock ring we’ve tried.

The ring is as you would imagine very slimline. The vibrating engine only about five millimetres thick and sits close to the penis in use. Quite how the manufacturers have managed to get a vibrator to fit into such a small package is a mystery and quite amazing.

It was doubly different as it’s been years since you had to regularly wear a condom and the HotGVibe was already buzzing away on your hard cock.

The HotGVibe is a unique cock ring. It provides a new and interesting take on vibrating male sex toys. If you are looking for a new sensation the bedroom maybe you should try it today.

Experimenting with ‘accessories’ can really add to your sexual experience, but if you’re not sure what, why or how, find out a bit more first.

What’s a cock ring?

You wear a cock ring around the base of your penis or your penis and balls. It’s designed to slow the blood flow out of the penis.
Why wear one?

The more blood there is in your penis, the more sensitive it becomes, so cock rings can give particularly amazing orgasms. They can also help you keep going for longer.
Will it make my penis look and feel bigger?

Sort of. The cock ring traps blood in the penis, which may make it look and feel a bit larger while you’re erect. It’s only temporary though… sorry guys!
Will it stop me coming quickly?

Usually, yes. By slowing down blood flow to the penis, a cock ring can help you stay hard for longer. However some men say they actually come more quickly, because the sensations are so intense. Either way, you can’t really complain!
How do I choose a cock ring?

The most important feature of a cock ring is how tight it is. And, as everyone’s different, there is no ‘one size fits all’. You may need to experiment with various options to find which works best for you.

    Leather– most leather cock rings can be adjusted, so you can play around with various sensations, depending on what you’re in the mood for.
    Metal– these have no give in them whatsoever, so be careful yours isn’t too tight.
    Rubber/silicone– these will probably help you stay hard longest. Because they stretch, they continue to restrict blood flow, no matter what stage your erection’s at. You can also get vibrating rings like Play Vibrations and Play Ultra, which are good fun, and are specially designed to stimulate both of you. Play Little Devil has special horns too, shaped to increase stimulation for the woman.

Can it help with erectile dysfunction?

Yes, especially when you use the cock ring with a penis pump. The pump creates a vacuum, causing blood to rush to your penis… then you put the cock ring on. It can give you a solid erection for up to 30 minutes – but it doesn’t work for everyone.
What about vibrating cock ring?

If you like the feeling of a vibrator, you’ll probably like a vibrating cock ring, and so will your partner if you use it during sex, as the vibrations should intensify things for her too.
Cock rings: the golden rules

    Don’t wear a cock ring for more than 30 minutes.
    If your balls go cold or numb, you’ve had it on too long, so take it off straight away.
    Experiment with different sizes and materials to find the right one for you.
    If your penis starts to swell significantly, loosen the cock ring or take it off. If it’s too tight it could damage your penis.
    If you experience any pain or ongoing effects, don’t be embarrassed to ask a doctor. A few blushes are better than lasting damage.