Wedding Dresses from St. Pucchi

St. Pucchi is a local famous bridal empire brand. Wedding dresses from St. Pucchi are modern and stylish enough, especially in details. They are still classical all the time! The president and designer of St. Pucchi, Rani Totman insists this vision from the beginning and it works from the past to today!

St. Pucchi wedding dresses are a global business now, due to Rani Totman vision, and their bridal gowns are brilliant and fantastic, hot welcomed by brides all around the world. Most of their wedding gowns are full of royal feeling and brides who wear St. Pucchi wedding dresses are just like a true princess, full of elegance and charming.

I have to say St. Pucchi wedding dresses are luxurious enough. Their wedding gown’s accessories are using true crystals and diamonds, just two of these elements can cost more than other brands wedding gowns, that is the true princess bridal wear.