Royal Wedding' Jewelry Set

Even wasteful purchases can be pinched purse steals. Is the slogan pushed by department stores in Japan on New Year's insights as she buys luxury as fukubukuro announced the promotion customers with rolling sports car at reduced prices, jewelry, weddings and getaways.

Eager buyers line outside their favorite stores in the early morning hours at the beginning of each year, an election to "fukubukuro", a goodie bag filled with a jumble of very small items at a fixed price. According to the shop to buy choose your fukubukuro paris place, the content can vary from one ham to German sports memorabilia and designer clothes. The excitement in the tradition used to lie in the mysterious nature of the contents, known elements of a lottery after buying the bag. But the stores are also increasingly customers with breeders curtain and reveals splashy packages that a grown man fights a midlife crisis might make you cry.

The upscale department store Matsuzakaya the bar very high, the prices of different products in a lush 40000000 yen or about $ 484,241. The package will come as an outstanding "fukubukuro royal wedding" in an ode to William Price, and Kate Middleton wedding. The bag that includes a set of four pieces of jewelry sapphire and is limited to a single client, is more expensive than fukubukuro in the office in the Ginza Matsuzakaya Tony on 2 January. The store holds some element of surprise, however. The shop refused to deliver a picture of all the jewelry and the original value.