Emma Watson

Emma is a famous super star in Hollywood because of Harry Potter. She is a very beautiful and cute girl when she first appeared at the movie!
But now she is slowing changing! She becomes very sexy and charming.
Especially she cut her hair short!

She is not the small little girl anymore! She is a really super star and sexy girl now! Many a lot of people love her! So do I!

Harry Potter is end! We are very sad about that! Emma Watson began to meet her another life!

She became the model of famous brand Burberry! She is so amazing! I believe she will be better and better!

And I believe she will be the most popular star around the world, which I think she is doing well now!

Show some pics of her wearing Burberry dresses! 

 If you like, you can see more at the official site: http://www.emmawatson.com/