White One Shoulder wedding dress is not necessary

Not long ago, a colleague had a tiny wedding, when they go to wedding feast, was standing outside the hotel welcome the couple quells 9, 9 is a kind of couple, bride white wedding dress, groom a dark suit! No wonder it was agreed to issue a "right ah in the finish is what" questions. Have not you married white Shoulder wedding dress? The answer is on a: no. That is not got to wear white shoulder wedding dress it? Today, tiny groups have been colleagues and services, to share with the marriage colors on the topic.

Most brides can not try non-white

Pay attention to the color of the marriage, the bride of0 interviews, they found only people willing to try other colors of the marriage, and the rest that will be different, if not a white Shoulder wedding "tradition", even in the event that they require to try, relatives members won't necessarily support.Top Quality VIP brilliant Organza A-Line /Princess wedding dresses with Strapless neckline Empire Waist Chapel Train and lace up back

"My husband and I had a pleasant discussion, and they got married to a cowboy-style custom wedding dress, but finally the relatives were refused, I can only welcome wearing a white wedding dress. Despite marriage Innovation and alter have idea, but in addition to the white wedding have no idea what is best for you. "

Wedding photograph studio photographer, a senior colleague times told a tiny, in fact, "White Wedding" is an exotic, white Shoulder wedding dress does not fit every Asian females. In fact, the marriage is not important what color the most important prerequisite is to match the bride's color character.

The best color with the color and character

Pink wedding fashion this year

"I think Asians like deep yellow color, some people wear white Shoulder wedding dress may appear dull, blue, purple and yellow are not coordinated with, if not heavy makeup, the bride can select according to their color wedding color. "Photographer said. Most of the industry that do not must select white wedding, everyone can follow their own preferences, character, color, etc. to select their own wedding.Gorgeous VIP Taffeta A-Line /Princess wedding gowns with Strapless neckline Empire Waist Chapel Train with Lace Up Back

Warmth Tips

Wedding Expo has returned from Shanghai, Kunming, and head of Miss Yuan Bainianhaoge wedding dress to bring the latest fashion information. "This year's wedding dress style compared to last year's 'Feast' golden wedding theme is different series. This year is main pink series, such as pale pink, rosy red, pink and purple and so on. Chiefly retro style, the main palace with non-mainstream series, satin lace combined with high winds generates warm and noble. "Miss Yuan also tells us that has been circulating in the civil marriage is wearing a pink dress on behalf of the second marriage, in fact, this is non-existent to say, pink is often used in the marriage colors, pink balloons, pink, style, brand, etc. pink background, pink on behalf of romantic and suitable for wedding receptions.

Not all people will select to custom-made wedding dress, wedding dress in case you require to rent, you require to look at the following, and look at the industry gave us which of the recommendations raised.

Rent wedding with stress
Start with, to master the rental market. Wedding photograph studio, china wedding dress rental companies and specialist wedding shop, elderly and new styles and prices to be determined, so the choice wedding, they ought to look carefully Condition.

Followed by the book wedding! Pick a pleasant time to alter a few days after the general size of stay taken again. And stores on a pleasant cost, be positive to make it clear when and stores to take, and when also, require a few days. After a pleasant decision to borrow the marriage, and the store to sign the agreement, in case you rent a wedding dress is more stylish, lots of brides like to take the style, it is best to select early, so late because you were someone else to take borrow; wedding is a valuable clothing, to pay a deposit when the lease, it can not effect.
Take time to try on wedding dress to see if appropriate, and then carefully review the marriage, if found dirty or breakage at the store in advance and clear. and matching wedding gloves, the first flower also carefully. Stores dealing in and the attention to details and requirements are done to document the best.